Ah, good old Jon Gruden. Interestingly enough, not only does he have a knack for complimenting shitty football plays. He also has a knack for complimenting shitty golf shots, too!

To be honest, I can’t really say that I expected Terrelle Pryor to hit a good drive here solely based on how he’s addressing the golf ball. He’s at a disadvantage before he even swings the club because he’s using a driver that looks like it’s fit for a 12-year old, not exactly a 6’5″ freak of an athlete. I’ll give him some credit, though. He does poke it out into the short grass. But to refer to this worm burner of a drive as anything more than a “good miss” is bananas. This shot was awful and Jon Gruden knows it. Even if he’s too nice to admit it.