You know what 99.9% of people do if they have an injured tricep? They rest it until it gets better. You know what James Harrison does when he has injured tricep? He doesn’t stop lifting weights on it because he ain’t some sort of fuckboy that has time to waste. Yeah, so he’s actually going 20 pounds less on his injured arm versus his healthy arm, but for those of you that have never bench pressed with dumbbells before, 140 pounds is an absolute FUCKTON of weight. Like if you drop one of those things on the wrong part of your chest there’s a pretty solid chance your friends will be writing R.I.P. Facebook statuses about you.

It just boggles my mind to think that most avid weightlifters will never build up to that type of strength in their lifetime. Meanwhile, Deebo is lifting that light shit (at age 38, mind you) on his bad arm like it’s no big deal. If you can’t respect the hell out of watching him lift heavy ass weights in the same gray sweatsuit day after day then you have a big dump in your pants. I’m also legit convinced that this man is going to continue playing football into his 50s.