WPXI Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Jung-Ho Kang has been denied a visa to enter the United States, according to a Korean report and NBC News.

Earlier this month, Kang was placed on the restricted list by the Pirates while he is delayed in South Korea by visa issues related to a DUI arrest.

Kang received an eight-month suspended prison sentence after the DUI arrest in December, his third in South Korea. The sentence was suspended for two years.

In a statement after Kang was sentenced March 3, Pirates president Frank Coonelly said the team will withhold judgment until meeting with Kang.

David Freese is likely to be Pittsburgh’s starting third baseman in Kang’s absence.


Is there a bigger fuck up in Major League Baseball right now than Jung-Ho Kang? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

A year and a half ago, you would’ve thought this guy was the Korean form of Zeus as yinzers collectively wept after they watched him get his knee obliterated by Cubs’ outfielder Chris Coghlan while trying to turn a double play. Now, the guy can’t even get back into the United States because he can’t stop getting DUIs.

Now, I’m assuming these reports are accurate considering that Sung Min Kim is Korean. Therefore, one would only imagine he can actually read this report that is written in Korean, unlike the rest of us. Unless Kim is trolling the hell out of us right now, this means that Jung-Ho Kang is WAAAAAYYYYY dumber than we thought he was. How in the hell does someone manage to get a DUI in THREE different countries, let alone one? I mean, I’m 1,000% against drunk driving, but unless you’re literally driving drunk all the time, there has to be times where you actually don’t get caught driving drunk. Kang either has a very shitty alcohol tolerance or the man simply does not know how to operate a motor vehicle. This is just straight bananas on so many different levels. All I can say is thank God the Pirates signed David Freese last year or else they’d be completely boned at third base.

P.S. – How ridiculous of a move is it to smash up the car that you got paid to promote? That’s like ‘Jackass’-level savage.