Last Friday, Penguins winger Chris Kunitz was kind enough to give New Jersey Devils goalie Keith Kinkaid a free vasectomy.

Tonight, it was Sidney Crosby’s turn to play the role of honorary urologist for the Penguins. Less than five minutes into the 1st period, Buffalo Sabres forward Ryan O’Reilly was was looking to retrieve a pass in the offensive zone from teammate Tyler Ennis who was behind the Penguins’ net. In an effort to eliminate a potential one-timer, Sidney Crosby did his best impression of a “back check” and decided to spear O’Reilly right between the legs.

Effective play? Yes. Dirty play? 1,000%. Listen, I’ve been defending Sidney Crosby over the course of his career like I’m his fucking mother. I just can’t defend him on this one, though. Intentionally hitting another man in the balls when you’re not in a life or death situation is a complete scumbag move. Sid’s better this. There’s no place for spearing somebody in the nuts in hockey. The Kunitz spear was a little different, though. The guy was trying to force in a loose puck between the goalie’s legs. It’s a play I’ve literally seen him do probably a thousand times in his career without hitting a goalie in the nuts. However, intentional spears to the nuts like Sid’s tonight are just fucked up. Bad Sidney!

Hence, why I’m not surprised that Evander Kane decided to high stick the shit out of Crosby at the end of the 3rd period when he was trying to bury an empty netter.

I guess if you’re gonna whack somebody in the nuts, you just might lose some teeth for it.