– Veteran quarterback Ben Roethlisberger spoke on his future as the man under center for the Steelers on Friday.

To no one’s surprise, it looks like he’ll be coming back.

Roethlisberger said he’s “leaning towards it” — it being returning to play for Pittsburgh in 2017 — when speaking at Liberty University on Friday, per the Observer-Reporter (Washington, Pennsylvania).

Roethlisberger provided cause for concern at the beginning of the offseason, saying he was “going to take this offseason to evaluate, to consider all options.” The 35-year-old quarterback, who’s played through injuries seemingly more often than most quarterbacks in recent history, dealt with another in Pittsburgh’s run to the AFC Championship Game, which ended in bitter defeat at the hands of New England. It’s understandable for Roethlisberger to seriously consider his football mortality in 2017.

It’s not all that believable, though, to think Roethlisberger would abruptly hang it up after his Steelers team put things together in the second half of the season, winning the AFC North and two playoff games before falling to the Patriots. The return of Antonio Brown on a new contract, a healthy Le’Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant (who’s awaiting reinstatement) has to make it even more difficult to consider retirement. And we can’t forget the fact Pittsburgh doesn’t really have much of a contingency plan for life without Roethlisberger beyond backup Landry Jones, who isn’t inspiring much confidence.

This little “will he, won’t he” — vaguely reminiscent of Brett Favre’s final half-decade of his career — should serve as a friendly message to Steelers management, which would be wise to explore a reality without the future Hall of Fame quarterback before it’s suddenly too late.

Wow. In a stunning turn of events, Big Ben will be coming back to play for the black and gold in 2017. Gee, no one saw this coming considering, you know, the Steelers gave Antonio Brown a hefty contract extension and franchise tagged Le’Veon Bell, all within the past three weeks. AB and Le’Veon obviously re-signed knowing that the Steelers were going to re-sign their franchise QB Landry Jones, right? I mean, if you’re one of the top wide receivers or top running backs in the league, why wouldn’t you want to play for a team that happens to have a stud of a quarterback who owns a career 82.8 passer rating?  No brainer!

Kidding aside, if you didn’t think Roethlisberger was returning next season you’re a MORON. Seriously, you should get evaluated by a physician because you’re probably a gullible idiot that also believes your girlfriend wouldn’t cheat on you with her ripped personal trainer that has like 12 abs. Shame on you for being dumb as a stump.

P.S. – I’m bringing back the phrase “No shit, Sherlock” for moments like this. I feel like I don’t use this phrase enough. Very underrated!