Welcome to week 8 of the newly revamped #TweetsOfTheWeek! Okay, so maybe the only thing that’s just changed is fact that the picture of the Twitter birds has been replaced with blue peeps instead (groundbreaking idea, by the way). Anyways, enjoy this week’s showcase of some of the most entertaining tweets from the week that was! Remember, if you find anything worthy to be included for upcoming installments of #TweetsOfTheWeek, send tips to us via the Contact page OR tweet us at @PeepsBurgh.

Here we go:

That moment when the guy you’re trying to sign ends up signing with another team WHILE HE’S PHYSICALLY IN YOUR OWN TRAINING FACILITY. Davon House trolled the fuck out of the Steelers.

Snoop Dogg better stay woke! Or else, JAIL TIME!

Straight gold from Benstonium this week with this video.

Tommy Lasorda, dead or alive?

@realDonaldTrump sounds like he’s about to give North Korea a spanking.

The absolute best part about St. Patrick’s Day.

The caption says it all. Also, check out my blog about this here!

Charles Barkley is taking his hatred of LaVar Ball to another level by rooting for every team UCLA faces in the NCAA Tournament. Such a savage move.

Sometimes the Penguins twitter account is bad. And this is one of those times. For anyone new to internet memes, this does NOT mean that everything is fine.

Okay, so this last tweet wasn’t technically from this past week, but I included it anyways for three reasons: 1. I saw it retweeted within the week, 2. Terrelle’s a hometown athlete, and 3. you don’t get much better quotes from an athlete like, “Happy to make some plays for you guys, and um, makes some big time plays.”