CNN – At a Broadway show about welcoming people during a time of need, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hosted Ivanka Trump as his guest of honor.

The first daughter sat in the audience Wednesday night alongside US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

The show, “Come From Away,” is a musical about the generosity of a remote Canadian town that welcomed 6,579 airline passengers who ended up stranded in Newfoundland after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

“This story really shows that even in those darkest moments, we can lean on each other,” Trudeau told the CBC. “Being there for each other in times of difficulties is something Newfoundlanders get, and it’s certainly something Canadians and Americans get.”

Trudeau also downplayed the notion of tensions between the US and Canada, given the two countries’ diverging policies on refugees and immigrants.

Dozens of people have recently fled to Canada from the US following President Donald Trump’s executive orders banning refugees and travelers from certain countries. Though a federal judge Wednesday blocked the administration’s second iteration of the ban, fears linger among citizens of those nations.

Meanwhile, Canada has touted its acceptance of tens of thousands of refugees.

“We’re always going to have differences in approaches on certain issues,” Trudeau told CNN partner CBC when asked about the countries’ different policies on refugees and immigrants. “The fundamental hopes for the future and the responsibilities of keeping people safe and building a better future for our kids is something we can always agree on.”

Before the show, Ivanka Trump and Haley greeted Canadian officials.

Asked if he and the President’s daughter spoke, Trudeau said she enjoyed the show, “as did everyone in the theater.”

Trudeau before the show addressed the cast and audience, stressing the friendship between the US and Canada, the CBC reported.

Well, well, well. Wasn’t it just last month that we were all talking about how Ivanka Trump couldn’t contain herself from staring at Justin Trudeau when he visited Trump’s White House for the first time? I can’t really blame Ivanka here, though. Trudeau happens to be one of the most powerful leaders in the world, who also happens to be a motherfucking adonis. A true double whammy for the ladies.

Look, I’m certainly no cocksman, but I can definitely tell when a girl is giving me the “I want you to bend me over and plow me right now” eyes. And let me confirm this. Those are the EXACT same eyes Ivanka was sending Trudeau’s way last month.



I mean, look at that! If those eyes don’t scream sex then the Pope ain’t catholic, the earth is flat, and Rachel Maddow is a legitimate journalist.

Now, Trudeau could’ve literally invited anybody else from the Trump administration to watch this musical last night. Hell, I’m sure Mike Pence didn’t have anything better to do than get booed at another Broadway show. But no, no, no. He just had to invite the First Daughter who couldn’t stop herself from banging him in her mind in front of the entire White House. You’d have to be the most oblivious person on earth to think every woman’s favorite Canuck didn’t take notice to those eyes. Trudeau ain’t no dummy. He caught a glimpse of Ivanka staring him down, and now he can’t help himself either. Perhaps this is Trudeau’s way of getting back to Donald for basically disagreeing with him on every single political policy there is. Or perhaps, maybe he just realizes that Ivanka is an absolute dime piece that wants some of that sweet maple syrup. Either way, I’m all for Justin and Ivanka. I’m typically not for home wrecking, but I wouldn’t mind seeing these two get divorced from their spouses and take over the world together. They’d instantly become the hottest/most powerful couple in the history of the world.