So it’s not exactly Donta Hightower, but this is the type of signing that is to be expected from the Steelers. A nice low-risk, high-reward player to add some depth to the receiving corpse.

Hunter’s 6’4″, 200 lb. frame and 4.4 speed adds a deep threat for the Steelers at receiver while they continue to wait for Martavis Bryant to be reinstated by Goodell. The signing of Hunter might also spur up some competition between the number 3 and 4 receivers. Considering Eli Rogers is more of a slot guy, it looks like Hunter will have to show that he can actually catch a football unlike Sammy Coates.

At best, this signing can be a complete steal for the Steelers. It won’t hurt Hunter to have a future Hall of Famer throwing him passes instead of Tyrod Taylor or Ryan Tannehill. That way, if Martavis Bryant gets caught for smoking dank again this year, the Steelers won’t be totally boned at their receiving depth like they were last year. Can’t say I’m mad about this deal.

Update: Martavis Bryant doesn’t appear to be very receptive of people comparing him to Justin Hunter.

I can’t say I’m totally thrilled to see Bryant passive aggressively throwing shade at his new teammate, but he probably has a point. Yinzers shouldn’t get all riled up to think this is Bryant’s replacement because it’s definitely not.