Penn Live – With the dismissal of all charges against him, Darrelle Revis assumes NFL teams began calling in search of his signature.

He hopes one of them is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“That would be a dream come true, I tell you, to play for the hometown team,” Revis said. “It would be.”

Revis, 31, is an unrestricted free agent, having been released by the New York Jets, effective March 9. The Jets announced on Feb. 28 that they would release the Aliquippa native when free agency began. Revis struggled last season and was set to make $13 million in base salary, plus a $2 million roster bonus if he made it to March 10 as a Jet, according to OverTheCap and The New York Daily News.

After Judge Kevin Cooper Jr. dismissed robbery, conspiracy, terroristic threats and two aggravated assault charges against Revis, the former Pitt, Jets and New England Patriots corner said he was looking forward to free agency and whichever team he ends up signing with.

He declined to say if he would switch from corner to safety

“That would be a discussion with the management and the coaches,” Revis said, laughing.

Meetings with his lawyer Robert Del Greco Jr. following a Feb. 12 incident on the South Side of Pittsburgh and charges being filed Feb. 16 did disrupt his offseason training, but he has continued to prepare to play in 2017, Revis said.

No teams called while his legal proceedings were up in the air, he said.

But as he walked down the sidewalk in front of Pittsburgh Municipal Court on Wednesday, Revis was certain he would be hearing from them shortly.

“I think teams were trying to see what was going to happen in this situation and then once they got the verdict of it they can sit here and call me now,” Revis said. “They’re probably making calls now.”

For starters, anyone with half a brain knew Revis was going to get these charges dropped. Just like we saw with Joey Porter, Pittsburgh adores their athletes (current and former). So much so that anytime one of them fucks up, the legal system in Pittsburgh will be ultra friendly to them. That’s just the way it is, and that’s the way it always will be when it comes to Pittsburgh and their athletes until something catastrophic happens (i.e. somebody gets Aaron Hernandez’d).

Even though I’m 1,000% convinced it wasn’t Revis’s voice on the infamous TMZ video of the fight aftermath, he still put himself in a dumb situation. Everyone that’s ever been to the South Side of Pittsburgh on a weekend knows it’s a complete shitshow full of drunk 20 year olds after midnight. And athletes of Darrelle Revis’s caliber are only asking for trouble when the put themselves in that type of environment. I can’t say I’m surprised in the slightest bit that these kids decided to turn on him the moment Revis made it clear he wasn’t a fan of them snapchatting him. However, it also probably wouldn’t hurt if he would’ve used some of that $39 million the Jets guaranteed him to hire a body guard to diffuse situations like this. The guy just wasn’t using his brain.

That brings me to part two of this story. In theory, it might sound all rainbows and unicorns for a former All-Pro cornerback to try and revitalize his career by signing with his hometown team after a little adversity. However, this won’t work between the Steelers and Revis for two reasons:

Reason #1: The Rooney’s don’t put up with guys that get into legal trouble that aren’t crucial to their success as a team (CC: James Harrison in 2008 and Ben Roethlisberger in 2010). Sadly, Revis island is dead. Maybe he can convert to safety and find some success, but the man got dusted left and right in 2016. Can’t imagine there are too many teams that are blowing up his agent’s phone right now trying to sign him.

Reason #2: There’s not a chance in hell Darrelle Revis will negotiate a fair contract with the Steelers. As stated in reason #1, Revis’s play has gone downhill. For that reason alone, a team like the Steelers will low ball the hell out of Revis (that’s if they even have any interest in signing him in the first place). And Revis, in return, will demand outrageous guaranteed money. I can’t say I blame Revis for stealing $39 million off the Jets, but that’s just the way he negotiates. He’s a smart guy that knows his stay in the NFL won’t be long so he’s going to snag up as many dollars as he can until the gravy train stops. You’d be crazy to say you wouldn’t do the same thing if you were in Revis’s shoes. However, the Steelers are going to whack off a significant portion of their $18 million cap space for a guy like Revis when there are much cheaper alternatives at his position. Also, one would imagine the Steelers are making it a priority to preserve that cap space for something that makes much more sense like, you know, signing their franchise running back to a longterm deal.

Believe me, I’m a huge Revis guy, but there’s no way in hell he’s signing a deal with the Steelers.