For those of you that haven’t been watching the World Baseball Classic (*cough, cough* me), any time the Dominican Republic plays is must watch TV right now. Not only is their team stacked as fuck, but their fans are absolutely electric. Any time a big play is made (which is often), the crowd goes absolutely bananas. I’m so jealous because it looks like it’s one of the best environments of all of sports.

Last night, the Dominican Republic found themselves down 5-3 to Team USA in the bottom of the eighth. With runners on first and second, Nelson Cruz slapped a laser down the left field line to put the Dominican Republic up 6-5. The crowd at Marlins Park went bonkers.

Two batters later, Marte stepped to the dish with the crowd already buzzing. And he didn’t let them down. Marte took a first pitch fastball from Andrew Miller and jacked that shit opposite field to give the Dominican Republic a 7-5 cushion.

Such a bittersweet moment if you’re a Pirate fan (and American). On one hand, you’re pumped to see your team’s players doing well in the World Baseball Classic. On the other hand, you’re bitching at Andrew Miller for leaving a meatball right over the plate because you’re a goddamn American, and we should be beating every country at sports. Because that’s what Americans do. It’s almost like watching Sidney Crosby beat the hell out of Team USA every winter Olympics. It’s so tough to root against them, but you know you can’t be overly excited for them or else people will think you’re a commie.

It’s tough to say anything negative about that crowd, though. Any fanbase that can make baseball look this cool is okay in my book.