When you’re favorite college basketball team is a steaming pile of garbage, you get excited for moments like this.

I have to be honest, I stopped watching much of college basketball this year ever since Pitt got walloped 106-51 to Louisville back in late January. I couldn’t even name you who the #1 team in the country is. That’s how far removed I am from college hoops right now. And I blame this all on my alma mater. If Pitt were any good this year (meaning they wouldn’t have hired an old coach with a shitty tracking record instead of a well-groomed assistant like Brandin Knight), I’d be a lot more inclined to watch this ACC tourney right now. Instead, I’m going to be filling out an NCAA bracket next week without having absolutely any fucking clue as to what I’m doing (on a side note: idiots like me are the ones that usually end up winning).

Last night’s incident might very well bring me back, though. Sure, Pitt’s most likely going to get bounced out of the ACC Tournament tonight by Virginia. However, if the mics are going to continue to be hot af at the Barclays Center, I’m sure we’ll all be blessed with a few more obscenities from Stallings tonight. Either that’s what’s going to happen or he’s going to show up staggering drunk and pass out in his seat because that’s basically the only other way to watch a Pitt basketball game right now.