Fox 59 Indianapolis – An Indiana man’s decision to press the snooze button may have very well saved his life.

Raymond Bowling, of Austin, Indiana, told FOX59 that he sets his alarm each day for 5:30 a.m. He says he usually presses the snooze button once, and then nine minutes later he gets out of bed to start getting ready for work.

“This morning I hit snooze, laid there for a few minutes, got up on my feet, and looked at how many minutes were left on snooze. About 6 minutes were left, so I decided to lay back down until it went off again,” Bowling told FOX59.

That decision prevented him from getting impaled by a tree branch that crashed through his roof as severe storms moved across the state this morning.

“I drifted off to sleep and literally 2 minutes later, the limb came crashing through. If I had gotten up, I would’ve been right in that spot, most likely brushing my teeth,” Bowling said.

Bowling calls it divine intervention, and he says God was watching out for him this morning.

A contractor has already visited Bowling’s home, removed the limb, and patched the roof.

Severe weather with heavy rain, wind, and lightning ripped through that portion of the state overnight – damaging dozens of homes. Many people lost power and Seymour Community Schools had to cancel classes today due to power outages.


If this picture doesn’t scare the living shit out of you then you’re not a real human being. Could you just imagine if this guy happened to be brushing his teeth as he normally would’ve been if he didn’t take advantage of the snooze? Oh look, I’m just brushing my teeth in front of the mirror, then all of a sudden, R.I.P.! Dead in like -3 seconds. This tree limb would’ve split this guy in half like a hot knife running through butter. Like for real, the left half of his body would be chilling next to the toilet, and the right half would be greeting the doorway. That’s the type of shit you only see in Final Destination movies.

The real savior here isn’t God. It’s your boy, Steve Jobs (R.I.P.). Steve was looking out for people when he implemented the snooze button on the iPhone. I still have no fucking clue why the iPhone’s snooze is nine minutes long, but if it wasn’t for Steve Jobs, this guy would be slaughtered. 

The takeaway I gathered from this incident is to always obey the snooze button. And let’s be honest. Waking up to an alarm fucking sucks. In fact, I hit the snooze button a minimum of twice per morning on weekdays. It’s glorious. Why be miserable and get out of bed when I can squeeze in some extra minutes of zzz’s? The next time I’m late for work, I’m blaming it on hitting my snooze seven times because I was too afraid to get murderered by a tree limb while brushing my teeth. Then, I can use this same excuse for not brushing my teeth at the dentist. The possibilities seem endless.