Goal of the year alert, anyone?

There’s nothing like watching a guy that has 81 career points in five NHL seasons manhandle your defense like he’s Wayne fucking Gretzy. That’s exactly what Chicago Blackhawks forward Richard Panik did to the Penguins last night.

As much as I want to discredit Panik’s goal because Malkin was playing Jahlil Okafor-type defense and because I’m a butthurt Pens fan, I simply cannot. This goal was so fucking sick. From the between the legs toe drag to his skate, back to his stick, to the snipe past Fleury’s right shoulder, the whole play was an absolute thing of beauty from start to finish. If you can’t appreciate that type of skill, you’re a complete shithead that drinks way too much Haterade. And that’s a fact, Jack!

Now, pardon me as I continue watching this GIF over and over and over instead of writing any more blogs today.