Welcome back, Deebo!


Not a bad deal for either party involved here as the scariest man in professional sports has re-signed with the Stillers for another two seasons. James Harrison continues to play professional football while the Steelers will barely put a dent in their $23 million cap space.

At the spry age of 38 last season, Harrison led the team in sacks (5) and ranked third in tackles (53) among Pittsburgh’s linebacker core. Yes, Harrison will be hitting the big FOUR-0 in 14 months. But that still doesn’t mean he won’t continue to be the ageless wonder (who will be perpetually accused of taking PEDs) we’ve all become accustomed to watching over the past couple of seasons. If Deebo’s going to continue to be such an effective player, I wouldn’t be totally surprised if he ends up playing into his 50s. He’s like the Hershel Walker of his generation – he has the genes of Zeus, and he’s got like a thousand loose screws in his head. If you’re a quarterback in the NFL, you’re still squeezing out a little turtle head when you see Deebo foaming at the mouth over at the opposite line of scrimmage. I can guarantee you that.

P.S. It’s a proven fact that anyone that works out in all sweats is a complete pyschopath. I’m just glad this guy is on our side!