Twitter users beware! It’s that time of the year where pranksters make their way to the Twitterverse to report false trade deadline deals in the NHL. And this year is no different. Sure, we’ve already seen a couple of big deals as Ben Bishop got shipped to LA last night and Kevin Shattenkirk has been dealt within the last hour to Washington (FYI – it’s still not their year). However, we’re bound to see a few more blockbuster deals before the 3:00 p.m. deadline on Wednesday. With that said, always remember to follow verified Twitter accounts (i.e. like all of the Canadians on TSN), or else you may get fooled!

Since I’m a Pens fan, I was doing my fair share of searching today to check out some of the trade rumors that involve the black and gold (actually I was basically just checking on the status of Marc Andre Fleury who looks more likely than not stay in Pittsburgh). During my vicious quest to find deadline news, I came across this gem of a parody account:


I’d say this Twitter profile looks pretty official if you ask me. Except for maybe the missing blue verification check, the “Parody Official Twitter Home of The NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins,” the fact that the user started in February 2017, the 117 followers, and the first couple of tweets. Other than that, looks legit, right?

Well, judging by the amount of retweets and likes this account has received for its trade alerts in the past few days, I’d say @Perguins has done a pretty good job thus far in fooling innocent Penguin fans. Let’s keep in mind, again, that this account has ONLY 117 FOLLOWERS.

If anything, I admire the hell out of this guy to go above and beyond to copy the Penguins’ trade alert graphics spot on. I’m dying to know how many people have received texts in the past few days from their friends letting them know that Jagr’s coming back to the Burgh. Stay woke, hockey fans!