The Pittsburgh Steelers do not sign players for life. They also do not give players 1,200% raises. I have never witnessed this type of sorcery in my life from the Steelers front office. I don’t mind it, though.

Not a bad day when your favorite football team locks up arguably the number 1 wide receiver and the number 1 running back in the league so they can play at least one more year together on the same team (even though there is speculation the Steelers are trying to sign Bell long-term). And this 1,000% means Big Ben is coming back. Don’t underestimate that. Without Ben, these two are running out of Pittsburgh faster than Forest Gump. 

Now, for the sake of Yinzer Nation, we can only hope that AB stays off of Facebook Live while Juice stays away from that greeny green (although I’m sure those types of fines won’t affect their dollar stacks).