CBS Sports – Anyone hungry?

Because the Stadium Series  — the NHL’s final outdoor special of the 2016-17 campaign — will pit more than the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers against each other.

Aramark — the official food and beverage provider not only for the Pens and Flyers at PPG Paints Arena and Wells Fargo Center, respectively, but also for the Stadium Series’ Heinz Field — has plans to unveil rival foods during Saturday’s game.

Yes, you read that right. And if the last five meetings between the two Eastern Conference foes are any indication of how competitive the Pens-Flyers rivalry will be in the Stadium Series, Aramark’s specially themed dishes could give the game a run for its money.

Welcome to 2017’s Fry Stak Face-Off between the Philly Chicken and Waffle Fry Stak and the Steel City Pot Roast Stak.

Translation: Aramark will be offering the two meals at Heinz Field for the Stadium Series. Philly’s dish is a blend of CrissCut fries, breaded chicken bites, smoked gouda gravy, maple glazed bacon and green onions. Pittsburgh, meanwhile, gets to rep a bowl of fries topped with house-braised pot roast, gravy and a blend of Colby and cheddar cheeses.

Which one will reign supreme?

It’s a tough call, but perhaps it sets up an even more important question: Cheesesteaks or Primanti Brothers?

Let the Stadium Food Series begin.


Steel City Pot Roast Stak


The Philly Chicken and Waffle Fry Stak

As if this whole Stadium Series thing isn’t already a huge gimmick for the league to make more revenue, now the food vendors are trying to steal your hard earned cash. The people at Aramark have to be out of their god damn minds if they think these two slop platters represent the cities of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. I mean, Pittsburgh’s kind of questionable on the food that best represents them. Most would argue Primanti Bros. sandwiches, but in reality, Pittsburgh’s truly a pizza and wings town at heart. On the other hand, Philly is cheesesteaks all day.

I’m not completely weirded out by the “Steel City Pot Roast” for the Burgh. Like I said, we’re already sort of in an identity crisis with food to begin with. But what in the literal fuck was Aramark thinking here with creating a chicken platter for Philly? That’s like trying to serve brick oven pizza in Chicago. It makes absolutely no fucking sense. Whoever came up with this idea for fry platters should be fired immediately for being such a dumbass. I actually kind of hope these things taste so disgusting that nobody buys them and Aramark loses money. If there’s one thing Pittsburgh and Philly fans can finally agree on, it’s that we’re too woke for this type of bullshit.