Welcome to the fourth weekly installment of #TweetsOfTheWeek where we showcase some of the most entertaining tweets from the week that was.  Remember, if you find anything worthy to be included for upcoming installments of #TweetsOfTheWeek, send tips to us via the Contact page of the site OR tweet us at @BurghBarstool!

Here we go:

El Pres put Beyoncé and the rest of the Beyhive in a bodybag.

Little thing called a “Yinzsplosion.” The HBK Line assisted the real HBK in shaving Brett Kiesel’s beard.

Nancy Pelosi got fooled by the tweets of “Not Michael Flynn” this week.

Manny Sanguillen has better style game than you and me.

Shoutout to the NHL for suspending Gustav Nyquist only six games for using his stick to try and spear through Jared Spurgeon’s face.

Ivanka Trump wants to do some real dirty shit to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“#StickToFootball Shefter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” -everyone on Twitter

Just Gilbert Arenas keepin’ it real, old bitches.

(Insert dog in house fire meme.)

That time you wished a Happy Birthday to yourself. Happy birthday, Juice!