Tonight, Sidney Crosby became the 12th fastest in NHL history to record 1,000 points. He’s also the 11th youngest player to reach the milestone – although it’s fair to say that he most likely would’ve accomplished this sooner if it wasn’t for his concussion history. He’s been unarguably the best player in the world for the past 11 years. Two Stanley Cups, two Olympic Gold Medals, one World Championship Gold medal, and a recent World Cup of Hockey champion. The guy wins on every stage, and he produces more than anybody. I don’t give a shit if you hate Pittsburgh and everything to do with our sports teams, bridges, and the fact that we put fries on our sandwiches (actually fuck you if you hate this), you have to put some respek on Sid’s name. The man is the GOAT of the hockey world for our generation.

If there was ever a way to put a signature stamp on his 1,000th NHL point, Sidney Crosby did it. Watch the way Sid (5’11”, 200 lbs) boxes out Blake Wheeler (6’5″, 225 lbs) like he’s Johnny Gaudreau. Then, sets up Chris Kunitz with a perfect one-timer.

An absolute work of art by the GOAT. If you can’t appreciate that type of effort Sid puts in night and night out, you don’t have a soul.