In what I presume has been a decent career thus far for singer/songwriter Joy Villa considering she’s at the Grammy’s, tonight she publicly barred herself from the music industry permanently. Talk about biting off the hand that feeds you with a giant fuck you to the rest of your industry. Such a BALLSY move by this chick when 99.9% of her peers have publicly bashed Trump for over the past year and a half. She literally could’ve showed up to the Grammy’s with swastikas all over her dress, and the music industry would’ve been more receptive. It’s going get real awkward tonight when artists start bashing Trump during their acceptance speeches and they see Joy sitting in the audience with the most obnoxious “Make America Great Again” giddy up the world’s ever seen. As a former five time All-Pro wide receiver that’s still not in the Hall of Fame used to say, “Get your popcorn ready!”