Welcome to the third weekly installment of #TweetsOfTheWeek where we showcase some of the most entertaining tweets from the week that was.  Remember, if you find anything worthy to be included for upcoming installments of #TweetsOfTheWeek, send tips to via the Contact page of the site OR tweet us at @BurghBarstool!

Here we go:

Charles Oakley took the internet by storm on Wednesday when he got a little out of hand at MSG during a Knicks game. This is an oxymoron, but much respect for the disrespectful finger push to the face here. #FreeOakley

Shout out to the only man that’s made it on #TweetsOfTheWeek for three consecutive weeks. @realDonaldTrump looks to be a mainstay on here. Just an FYI – all caps is internet talk for SHOUTING in case you are over the age of like 75 and reading this (highly doubtful).

CNN is now attacking Trump via his grammar on twitter.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I have an over/under of one week before this PA state senator vanishes from the face of the earth.

Only explanation here is that God wanted the Patriots to win. #SaltOfTheEarth #BrickByBrick #KingOfTheBeach


Disrespect to the only champion this year that knows how to step on their opponents’ throats and not take their foot off the gas pedal. Also a friendly reminder that ESPN still hates hockey.

Fight or flight system, ever heard of it? Chris Kunitz’s dad is the type of guy that won’t hesitate to shoot you in the face if you try to sneak in his house to rob him.

Chili’s officially lifted their lifetime ban on Pam Beesly stemming from her little incident in 2006!

J.K. Rowling coming in HOT on Piers Morgan!