Okay, so apparently I’m late to the party here, but I didn’t realize that Tom Brady kisses his dad on the freaking lips. A quick investigative Google search came up with this image as well:


Apparently, it’s a customary practice in the Brady household to kiss your son on the lips. In fact, Google images also revealed that Tom does this with his own sons as well. I’m not going to post those, though, because that would be straight up pervy.

I’m sorry, but this whole father, son kissing on the lips thing is fucking weird. I happen to be a straight male, but I’m not being a homophobe by any means about this whole situation. If you’re a guy that’s into other guys, more power to you. It doesn’t bother me one bit if you like rounding the bases with somebody else of the same sex. In fact, I’m not really sure why that bothers a lot of people, but that’s been a normal part of life ever since humanity came to existence. Some people like other people of the the opposite sex. Other people like people of the same sex. That shouldn’t be a big deal to people.

HOWEVA (Stephen A. Smith voice), it’s not normal to me if you’re a guy that kisses his own father on the lips. Maybe I’m naive and lots of other guys do this, but it seems fucking creepy to me. I come from a family where I greet my mom with a hug and (sometimes) a kiss on the cheek. As for my dad, we give each other a firm handshake. I feel like that’s pretty normal in American culture. But again, maybe I’m just a naive, opinionated piece of shit that lives in my own fantasy world. Maybe people think I’m a fucking weirdo for how I greet my parents. Then again, I don’t see a lot of other guys kissing their dads on the lips. I have friends (both straight and gay) that hug and/or kiss their dad on the cheek. I don’t find that abnormal, though. I just happen to be a guy that doesn’t share hugs or kisses on the cheek with my dad.

The lips are different, though. That’s intimate territory to me. If I’m kissing somebody on the lips it’s definitely not just a friendly greeting. It’s a get the fuck over here baby and let me give you the goods type of greeting. Can’t ever imagine doing that with my dad when I have that sort of fucked up mindset. Then again, maybe the Brady’s are just normal and the rest of us are messed up. I guess this one’s up for debate. My mind’s in a fucking pretzel right now.