I went over this a little bit last week when I talked about how hard it is to make fun of a person that has it all like Tom Brady. How does one simply make fun of a person that is as close to perfection as humanly possible? Answer: you find any little quirk, imperfection, or flaw that person possesses and you run with it like it’s their Achilles heel that’s going to bring them back down to reality. For Tom Brady, that Achilles heel is his intelligence (well, maybe just his grammar). I may not be able to throw a football as well as Brady (or like 1,000 other things he’s better than me at doing), but damn it, I can sure as hell use my apostrophes correctly! Only a dumbass doesn’t know how to do that. Tom’s just like most of us after all!

Within the hockey world, Sidney Crosby is slowly but surely becoming his sport’s version of Tom Brady (at least within this era). He now has two Stanley Cups, two Olympic gold medals, and a bunch of other personal hardware. On top of that, he also makes a fuckton of money, he dates a model, and he lives in a mansion in Sewickley. Sid doesn’t have quite the same firepower when it comes to Tom Brady’s status, but he’s also not that far off, either. And just like Brady, Sid also has his share of imperfections. Sure, we can all make fun of him for the fact that he still can’t grow decent facial hair at age 29, or the fact that he doesn’t seem capable of taking pictures without keeping his fingers out of his pockets.

Though, it’s a little different when one of Sid’s peers takes a shot at him. We, as fans, can talk all the shit we want about Sid, but in reality, we know it’s never going to get to him. But when one of Sid’s (somewhat) equals does it, it’s as if it pierces through the armor of immortality he dawns – a welcoming site that allows us to recognize that Sid’s human just like us after all.

When Bill Guerin first got traded to the Penguins in March 2009, he didn’t really know Sidney Crosby all too well other than facing off against him in division matchups. However, it didn’t take long before ol’ Billy G from took a jab at the “Next One.” In fact, it took a mere 10 seconds after their introduction:

ESPN – Bill Guerin was acquired by the Penguins at the 2009 trade deadline, a few months before the team’s first Stanley Cup win since 1992.

Crosby estimated it took 10 seconds after the two met until Guerin was busting his chops about the small pads that are attached to the shoulders of the undershirt Crosby wears — and still wears to this day — under his equipment.

“I think he referred to those old blazers, in women’s blazers, they used to have those big pads,” Crosby said, laughing at the memory. “He’s probably used it a few times since then. He likes to recycle those ones.”

Guerin said he was shocked that Crosby did, in fact, put his pants on one leg at a time like the rest of them.

“But when you put your gear on and went out for practice, you saw he was different,” Guerin said. “You saw a different person. The focus, the motivation, the drive. Especially for me, being late in my career where I thought I’d seen everything.”

Just fantastic. The new guy (who also happened to be the oldest guy on the team) fucking with the young, league phenom on day  one. No one’s safe wearing women’s shoulder pads in their compression shirts when Billy G’s around. Not even if your name is Sidney Crosby.