Antonio Brown hopped on Shrimp Bayless’s former show, First Take, this morning to speak to Bayless’s former co-host, Stephen A. Smith, and Max Kellerman about a variety of (mainly) softball topics. Most questions, stunningly, were about Brown’s infamous Facebook Live video from a couple weeks ago. That is, until Stephen A. decided to hit AB with the real question every yinzer in Stiller Nation has been wondering. Does Antonio Brown want to stay in Pittsburgh?

Watch the video clip here.

Oof. Watch that response and tell me that’s not the body language of a liar. AB sheepishly quivers out “Steelers for life” with his stupid grin all while he won’t even look Stephen A. Smith in the eyes. That doesn’t look too sincere to me. This might sound fucking stupid, but it reminds me of the way Slick Willy lied and wouldn’t even look at the camera when discussing his sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. If I was a betting man, I’m putting money on Antonio Brown leaving Pittsburgh the first opportunity he gets. I’m not sure if I blame him, either. If idiot sports writers in Pittsburgh are going to act this outlandish by using some stupid Facebook Live video, a (false) report on him not being happy after a teammate’s touchdown, and other dumb shit like a declining future as justification for trading him, then I’d probably want the hell out, too. I’m sure this will all come down to the Benjamins, but as soon as contract extension talks stall, you can bet your ass people will be all over him for his past antics. They’ll quickly overlook the fact that he’s one of the best receivers in Steelers history, and that he continues to produce huge numbers year after year. I’d love to see Antonio Brown be a Steeler for life, but in all reality, either the media or (more likely) the Rooney’s are going to run him out of town sooner or later. I guess that means we can all get used to watching more dropped passes by Sammy Coates in the near future!