Yep. You read that right. Le’Veon Bell casually dropped a diss track today on Skip Bayless titled “Shrimp Bayless.” In my opinion, the title is a little weak sauce. “Dumbass Motherfucker” might’ve been a little more appropriate, but nonetheless, I respect the creative effort by Le’Veon. Also, I didn’t know the man could spit. Add that to his resume.

It’s a wonder how a buffoon that looks like he’s been tossed around in a washing machine gets paid for saying absolutely insane shit like a healthy Peyton Manning isn’t better than Tim Tebow or that Johnny Manziel would become bigger in Cleveland than LeBron James. Then, that same person ridicules proven superstars who aren’t even on the same wavelength as either of those clowns.

So when superstars like Le’Veon get attacked by Skip and get fed up with him “talkin’ all that nonsense,” Skip better hope they don’t call “Richard Sherm.”

(Here’s a clip from a few years back when Richard Sherman went all diabolical on Skip and told him he was better at life him.)

Now that Le’Veon’s season is over after last week’s shellacking to the Patriots, it was time he chimed in to expose Skip for the hack that he is. “Juice” as Le’Veon’s known in the rap game, decided to mop Skip up with some bars instead of going face to face with him on Undisputed. My first thought going into this diss track was that this is such a 2015 move. As you might remember, that year we were blessed with some of the hottest diss tracks to ever hit the circuit – Charged Up, Back To Back, and Rise Pageviews Rise, to name a few. Then, I remembered who we’re dealing with here. We’re dealing with the man that has more patience than Nelson Mandela. The man that takes 42 seconds to hit the hole. And now the man that waits two years to drop a fire diss track.

Juice doesn’t have to get all caught up in the moment when the rest of the world is getting caught up in trends. He does it on his own time in his own way.