Huffington Post – President Donald Trump on Monday mocked Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) for shedding tears over the plight of refugees.

“I don’t see him as a crier,” Trump said of Schumer, and asked whether the senator had hired an “acting coach.”

“There’s about a 5 percent chance that it was real, but I think they were fake tears,” he said ahead of a meeting with small business leaders at the White House.

Standing alongside several refugees in New York City on Sunday, Schumer vowed to fight Trump’s executive order that temporarily blocked the entry of all refugees, indefinitely blocked Syrian refugees and imposed a ban on travelers coming from several Muslim-majority countries.

“This order was mean-spirited and un-American,” the senator said as he fought back tears.

“The president wants people to believe that everyone’s a terrorist or a criminal who’s an immigrant. It’s not fair and it’s not right,” he added.


Politics aside, if you watch this video of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and find sincerity in his tears, you’re lying to yourself. I don’t care if you’re a Bernie Sanders-left winger and hate everything about Trump and the rest of the Republicans, deep down you know you’re not buying Chuck Schumer’s bag of bullshit.

Look, I’m sure Schumer cares about immigrants and the freedom that the United States represents. I’m sure that he believes that it’s unfair that many good people are being (temporarily) screwed by not being able to escape hell by coming to the United States. But I’m not buying that he cares THIS much – that is, to cry on national TV while standing next to immigrants directly affected by the current situation. He’s putting on a show for dramatic effect so that people can empathize with these immigrants while he bashes Trump for his recent executive order.

Savvy move by Schumer if you ask me. Nobody’s going to say call him out, right? WRONG! The leader of the free world just called your bluff.

It takes some big balls to call somebody out on bullshit when discussing such a serious and sensitive subject that affects so many people. Hog-sized balls, in fact. And Donald Trump’s got ’em.

I have to say I’m a little envious of Trump. A lot of times we don’t say what’s really on our minds because we’re afraid about how we’re going to be perceived or how it’s going to affect other people. Not Donald Trump, though. He gives no fucks. And I wish we could all give a few less fucks as well.