The 2017 NHL All-Stars took to the ice last night at the Staples Center in LA to display their talent in the annual NHL All-Star Skills Competition (aka the only part of All-Star weekend that’s even remotely worth watching). As usual, this year’s all-stars went through the normal skills competition challenges last night, which consisted of the following: Relay Challenge, Four Line Challenge, Accuracy Shooting, Fastest Skater, Hardest Shot, and the Shootout. That is, unless your name was Sergei Bobrovsky.

Arizona Coyotes goalie Mike Smith easily stole the show last night by scoring a goal from across the entire rink into a space that was probably as big as an iPhone laying sideways. Maybe something that he can probably repeat only once in his next 100 attempts. The crowd went straight up apeshit.

The next big thrill came when Ryan Kesler’s son, Ryker (what a typical 21st century name by the way), scored a goal on Carey Price in the Shootout Challenge.

Pretty bush league move by Ryan Kesler here to put his son out there instead of himself if you ask me. The only way Carey Price makes a save here is if he wants to become known as the ultimate villain in the NHL. Instead, he leaves his five hole open like a softy and lets the Pacific Division score there one and only goal. Absolutely love the no fist bump at the end of the clip by Sid here. Sid’s such a gamer that you can tell it pained him to even tap Ryker with his stick.

While the theatrics came from mainly those two moments last night, Sid quietly dominated the tasks he was given. He’s kind of like a professional billiards player in a way that he’s so damn good at what he does it’s almost annoying to watch. Let’s take, for example, the accuracy shooting. By the time you realized he was finally taking part in the competition, he was done in less than 11 seconds.

Sid made Auston Matthews time of 12.28 look like amateur hour. And you can bet your ass he was pissed it took him five shots instead of four.

Finally, let’s take a look at Sid in the Shootout Challenge. With Crosby designated as the Atlantic Divison’s only Discover Puck shooter (2 points per goal with a Discover Puck) and his Division up 2-1 in the contest, Sid casually strolled down the ice and buried a goal five hole on Martin Jones. Nothing flashy. He just made sure he got it past the red line.

That goal basically took the wind out of the sails for the Pacific as they realized they had no shot down 4-1 with three shooters left. Also, it’s probably going to give Martin Jones nightmares again after going through last year’s Stanley Cup Final beating. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Sid scores like 10 goals today in the actual All-Star Game. You put that guy in any type of competitor environment, and he’s going to dominate every time.