It’s pretty wild to think that the last time Sidney Crosby played in an NHL All-Star Game he was only 19 years old. Not even old enough to booze in the U.S, rent a car, or grow decent facial hair (update: he still can’t).

That game in Dallas was so long ago, in fact, that 27 out of 42 of those all-stars are now out of the league. Gone. Either retired or trying to extend their careers overseas. And the funny part is, back then, Sid was the youngest guy on the roster, yet he was by far and away the best player there. And he still holds that throne in the NHL.

While you and I were probably trying to sneak booze into our dorm rooms at 19, Sid was dominating the NHL. He was making the best defensemen and goalies in the world shit their pants as soon as the puck touched his stick. In 2007, Sid was on his way to scoring 120 points in only his second season in the league, which ultimately concluded with his first Art Ross and Hart trophies, respectively.

Here are just a few highlights from that MVP season:

Since 2007, Sid’s been nowhere to be found at All-Star games. An oxymoron in that the league’s annual game that’s played by its best players has been without it’s BEST player in a decade. But it’s not Sid’s fault here. It’s the NHL’s (and basically every other sport’s) fault that they decide to have an annual exhibition game where players have to ACTUALLY play when they could be taking a long weekend trip in some sort of tropical paradise instead. I get that it’s a revenue generator for the league and the host city, but if I’m Sidney Crosby, there’s a 1,000% chance I’m faking an injury just to be a fucking bum for a few days while I bake under the sun somewhere on a beach next to a smokeshow. As for the fans, we don’t give a shit about all-star games, either. We’re cool with watching athletes do ridiculous shit nobody else can do in the skills competitions the day prior. But after that’s over, I don’t think there’s enough adderall in the world for somebody to watch an entire all-star game, start to finish, played half-assed by superstars that don’t even want to be there in the first place. Nobody wins here.

P.S. – Fun fact: Sidney Crosby didn’t even make the all-star game last year. Just a friendly reminder to show you how stupid the NHL is.