Nope. Not good at all. I’m not talking about the fact that she’s out and about with her soon to be ex-husband (not to mention their separation happened to be publicly announced only hours before these photos were taken). I’m talking about this fucking wardrobe/haircut. 

Are you serious with that giddy up, Scarlett? She kind of looks like Justin Bieber a few years ago if he had happened to take estrogen supplements.

The problem with a lot of Hollywood actresses like Scarlett is that they begin their rise to fame by looking like absolute smokeshows for years. Then, they hit a point where they’ve made a shit ton of money (mostly from their looks), they are able to land any leading role they want, and they have guys that would literally cut off a limb to be them. That’s when they decide to become feminists and begin to change their appearance like this bullshit above. Such a hypocritical move – Sad!

Let’s all hope this doesn’t happen to Emily Ratajkowski anytime soon. All we can do right now is remember the good ol’ days of Scarlett.