I have to be honest, out of all these tweets, the last one is my favorite. I’m assuming Levance Fields was in person to witness the 106-51 pounding Louisville gave Pitt last night. Dude got so fed up with the fact that his former team is crumbling before his very eyes that when he saw some “wack” ass ad come on the jumbotron, he felt compelled to point out to the Twitterverse that Pitt’s new(er) Chancellor, Patrick Gallagher, is a goober. I’d say that’s a fair assumption for anybody that tucks in their shirt when trying to fit in with the student section at a college basketball game.


Moving along, it’s evident here that Levance Fields is pissed about Pitt’s decision to hire a sub-mediocre coach (aka Kevin Stallings) over long-time assistant coach/former Pitt star, Brandin Knight. If you’re a Pitt fan, you have to agree that Fields has a point here. Why would Pitt hire a 56-year old coach with a shitty tracking record when they had a 35-year old up and coming head coach that’s already very familiar with the program right under their nose? Leave it up to Pitt to make the dumbest fucking decisions when it comes to anything athletics. Perhaps maybe one day they’ll wake up and realize that it’s been 17 years since they’ve been able to fill up a game at Heinz (excluding Penn State) because the stadium is NOT on campus. Also, good luck with the redo on the basketball coach situation.