The Sun – Technophobe Donald Trump’s bizarre lack of IT skills were revealed by his chief British cheerleader Piers Morgan.

The Good Morning Britain presenter let slip that the leader of the free world “doesn’t use email himself, so I email his office and they print it out for him”.

And he explained “then he will write a handwritten reply on the email and his office will scan it for him and email it back.”

Boasting Mr Morgan – who claims the President calls him “Champ” – added: “I have had two in the last week.”

Twitter loving Mr Trump has swapped his Android phone for an encrypted US government phone.

But pictures that his redesigned Oval Office showed no computer on the famous desk.

Love, love, love this. Such a power move by Trump here. Could you imagine your boss literally coming up to you with a handwritten letter with the responsibility of scanning it into a computer so it could be emailed to somebody? If you’re a normal person, the thought of “write the fucking email yourself and send it” should be entering your brain. But hey, it’s the President of the United States. What are you going to do about it? Nothing. I sort of feel bad for Trump’s minons here, but if the most powerful man in the world asks you to do something for him, you do it or else see ya later. Good luck explaining to your next prospective employer that you got fired by the President of the United States because you were a stubborn asshole to him. I’m sure that will go over well.

The thing I find the most hilarious here, though, is the fact that Trump blames his phobia of emailing people himself as the reason why he’s making couriers scan his handwritten letters instead. 1,000% Trump’s an index finger typer. I don’t buy it one minute that he’s afraid of sending an email himself when he’s regularly tweeting out more cringeworthy shit than Curt Schilling. He just sucks with computers.

Also, it’s basically a proven fact that anybody over the age of 60 years old types this way. Believe me, I work in the financial services industry where the average age of professionals in my industry is over 50 years old. I’ve witnessed some of the slowest/archaic typing in the world. I’ve seen guys literally get all worked up over the fact that a certain client prefers to be communicated with via email instead of over the phone. It’s priceless to watch somebody lose their mind because they know they’re going to waste their valuable time because they suck at typing. However, that’s also the reason most interns have jobs in my industry – so they can basically handle all the bullshit their boss doesn’t feel doing. Trump’s no different here in this situation. Except you don’t need to be an intern to be bossed around like his little serf.