WPXI Pittsburgh – Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live recorded in the locker room after the Steelers’ divisional round win over the Kansas City Chiefs will reportedly cost the wide receiver $10,000.

Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reported that Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, who said last week that Brown would be punished, told players at a team meeting about the fine for violating the team’s social media policy.

According to NBC ProFootballTalk, Brown could face further penalties, as the NFL also has a social media policy, which prohibits players from using social media from 90 minutes before kickoff through the end of postgame media obligations.

Tomlin, whose comments were overheard off-camera and included a vulgar term to describe the New England Patriots, asked the team if anyone had a problem with the decision to fine Brown $10,000, Glazer reported. He then said it was time to move on.

Brown has apologized for the video.

It was also reported Sunday that Brown has a six-figure marketing deal with Facebook.

Okay, so I was dead wrong with my theories about how Mike Tomlin was going to punish Antonio Brown. That still doesn’t mean that this fine was just a slap on the wrist though. This takes me back to my main point – that this whole Facebook Live controversy was blown way out of proportion by the media, and that Mike Tomlin had to make a PR move. To prove my point that this punishment’s a complete joke, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Antonio Brown was set to make $10.25 million in salary in 2016 (not including contract incentives or endorsements). If I’m doing my math correctly, $10,000 is .098% of his salary. For shits and gigs, let’s say that you at home make an annual salary of $50,000. If you were fined .098% of your salary by your employer for being a dumbass, you’d have to forfeit over a measly $49. Unless you’re up to your eyeballs in debt, $49 is certainly not going to break the bank.

Now, the “No Fun League” still hasn’t announced their punishment yet (surprisingly), but one could assume that Antonio Brown will be paying more for his actions sometime soon. Until then, we can all admire over the fact that a shit ton of money to me and you is merely peasant change to Antonio Brown.