TMZ Sports – NFL commish Roger Goodell tells TMZ Sports … the NFL is officially looking into the Antonio Brown locker room video incident.

Goodell was leaving a media event for the Los Angeles Chargers when he decided to mingle with the fans … signing autographs, posing for selfies and even talking a little football.

At one point, Roger asked the crowd who they liked in the Super Bowl … one fan said, “Not the Patriots!” Someone added, “Cheaters!”

Another fan said, “As long as the Cowboys aren’t there” — Roger smiled at that one.

Not exactly a world class exclusive from TMZ here, but as we all assumed, emperor Roger Goodell is going to look at the video Antonio Brown posted to SnapFace InstantChat Facebook Live shortly after the Steelers defeated the Chiefs on Sunday. Can the NFL just give AB a fine already so we can all move on with our lives? As I’ve stated before, this whole thing has been blown WAY out of proportion. The NFL needs to adjust its acronym back from the “No Fun League” to the “National Football League.”

If it were up to me, Facebook Live would be a thing in EVERY locker room during post games, win or lose. Could you imagine watching Mike Zimmer losing his mind after Blair Walsh missed maybe the easiest game-clinching field goal ever last year?  Or could you imagine watching Hue Jackson contemplate drinking a bottle of bleach after the Steelers beat the Browns in overtime of the last regular season game this past season to cap off a 1-15 record? It would be pure entertainment. The league needs more of this. My guess is that if this was instituted people would start watching bullshit Thursday Night Football games for once. Those games are always inevitable blowouts. Guaranteed there’s at least one losing coach throwing an epic meltdown in every postgame speech.

On a final note, wouldn’t it be nice if Goodell was a little kinder to AB on this one considering somebody else out there agrees with his view that the Patriots are assholes? Just a thought. But if you ever decide to become cool in your life and steal my idea above, then you better give me the credit, Roger.