While I’ve been steady grindin’ (sort of) trying to get this blog up and running, I haven’t really paid attention to Aly Raisman in the past week or so. This morning, I happened to check in on everyone’s my Olympian crush’s twitter account and came across this tweet from Tuesday night:

Wow. So maybe Aly read my blog post about how her leech of a boyfriend is a scrub. As of me writing this post, that article has generated the most page views so far of any article on the site. In fact, it currently stands at an earth shattering 19 page views (10 of which were probably from yours truly). Also, I’ve only shared my blog with about four or five friends. That means there are roughly four or five unknown people that have read that article. 100% possibility Aly is one of those people that have snooped themselves into the degenerate corner of the internet that is Barstool Pittsburgh.


Let’s assume for my ego’s sake that Aly read that post (although highly fucking doubtful). I have to say she sucks at taking constructive criticism. Maybe she has a tough time deciphering between honesty and malevolence. I mean, her boyfriend’s an NFL washup NFL tryout. She’s a six-time Olympic medalist. The balance beam is clearly leaning like Weezy F Baby on this relationship. Those are the facts. How in the hell is she going to take it when the world finds out she’s starting to suck at gymnastics like Gabby Douglas did back in the 2016 Olympics? She’s going to crumble like a cookie.

With that said, I gotta say that I’m not really into girls that get all bent out of shape over the truth. Aly seems a little thin-skinned if you ask me. I don’t know if this could ever work out between us once she dumps that doucher. Perhaps, maybe it’s time for me to find a new Olympian crush to fantasize about.