Last night, Siena faced off against conference foe Rider in a Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference clash. You may very well be thinking, “Who in the fuck are either of these teams, and why do I care?”. Well, I’m about to tell you why.

After a heated finish to the game, Siena coach Jimmy Patsos pulled off possibly one of the funniest moves I’ve ever seen in sports. Cue the infamous postgame air handshake:

To give you a little more context to how this unraveled, shit began hitting the fan with about two minutes left in the 2nd half. First, Siena’s Marquis Wright gave Rider’s Stevie Jordan a little shove to the ground. Then, this promptedĀ Rider’s Anthony Durham to punch Wright in the face. As you might’ve guessed, both players got ejected.

(See the punch below.)

Naturally, both Jimmy Patsos and Rider’s coach Kevin Baggett (100% this dude got made fun of when he was a kid) went insane, which led to two more technical fouls. Apparently Baggett even tried to make a run at Wright during all of this. Just a great turn of events in a basketball game nobody gives a shit about.

With the horn sounding at the finish of a 78-68 Siena victory, Rider decided to forgo the postgame handshake line. On the other hand, Jimmy Patsos didn’t seem to lose his sense of class throughout the whole situation.

Let’s take another look at this masterpiece from afar:

Literally looks like this guy counted out how many hands he should’ve shaked. Absolute classic moment in sports. Too bad this team isn’t going to make the NCAA tournament with their 8-11 record or else I’d pencil them in to go all the way in my bracket. Go Saints!