If you’re a single dude in your 20s without fortune or fame, you know how hard the pick up game can be. If you’re not putting in hours at the gym, walking around with puppies, or raking in a decent paycheck, then you might as well be invisible to any decent looking chick on planet earth. And let’s forget about personality, that’s just a mythical quality girls say they’re looking for as a cover up for the aforementioned characteristics. They’re not fooling me!

When I first saw this picture today of Ed Sheeran with Zane Lowe above, something clicked. I came to the realization that I need to learn how to sing beautifully and riff on the guitar like good ol’ Eddy! Seriously, look how hideous that dude is. He’s got red hair, weird googly eyes, a crusty beard, and he’s like 5’7″. He basically represents the 95% of regular dudes like you or me that shouldn’t get any girls with our looks alone. Yet, this dude puts out jam after fucking jam and girls flock to him like he’s Edward Pattinson in his Twilight years. So unfair! Forget this blogging stuff, I’m buying a guitar tomorrow and signing up for vocal lessons.