Barstool Sports – “We spotted those assholes a day and a half. They played yesterday, our game got moved to tonight. We’re going to touch down at 4 o’clock in the fucking morning. So be it. We’ll be ready for their ass.” – Mike Tomlin, 1/15/17

You know what my favorite part of this video is? When someone yells that everyone needs to “keep it cool on social media.” Obviously because they don’t want to give Bill Belichick any bulletin board fodder. While at that very moment, Antonio Brown is Facebook Live-ing his head coach giving a private speech to his players and calling the Patriots assholes.

I’m not even mad. I love it. I did radio yesterday morning with two different Patriots beat writers, both of whom said the Pats locker room was like a wake after they won a playoff game by 18 points. They were serious, businesslike, and determined to clean up their mistakes and play better next week. The Steelers can’t get in the end zone, barely squeak by Kansas City and their wideout is posting 15 minutes of “That’s it! Uh-huh!” and mugging into his phone. I mean, imagine for one hot second Chris Hogan posting a video of Belichick calling his next opponent assholes, whining about the schedule and saying they’ll be ready for their ass? You can’t. Because The Hooded One would reduce him to ashes with laser beams from his eyes and then smoke the ashes. And because his players respect him too much to pull shit like this.

Okay, so not exactly the stellar beginning to Patriot week. Yes, AB shouldn’t have been recording this stuff on Facebook Live (which has been taken down unfortunately) after a big playoff win, but it’s not like what Mike Tomlin said was exactly earth shattering, either.

First, everybody that’s not a New England Patriot fan refers to the Patriots as assholes. If not, it’s probably something a little a worse (i.e. fucking pieces of shit). So the media shouldn’t get all bent out of shape when they hear an opposing head coach refer to an organization of assholes be referred to as “assholes.”

Second, Jerry Thornton needs to pump the fucking breaks a minute when he is trying to compare what Antonio Brown did, to say, if Chris Hogan did the same thing. Antonio Brown is arguably the best wide receiver in football right now. Chris Hogan is like the 3rd or 4th receiver on the Patriots. He’s only relevant because he plays on the Patriots. You’d have no idea the guy even existed if he played on literally any other football team.

Third, I’m not saying what AB did was right. It was pretty dumb, but let’s not get out of hand. The Patriots are afraid to do this type of stuff not because they have so much respect for their coach. It’s for the fear of god that they’ll lose their day job if their grumpy old man of a coach found out (minus Brady, of course). So Mike Tomlin is a little more relaxed with this type of stuff. Maybe just maybe that’s because he’s not like 70 years old and can relate to his players more. Also, AB is a superstar. If this was Darrius Heyward-Bey he probably doesn’t get a snap this upcoming Sunday. But this is AB. He can literally bang a chick on Facebook Live and the Steelers would be cool with it because he’s a goddamn superstar and they need him out there.

Finally, the only thing I agree with here is that the Steelers can’t rely on Chris Boswell next week if they plan to beat the Pats. It will be an embarrassment of a game if they can’t get into the end zone. On to Foxborough!