Tribune-Review- The Steelers on Monday placed assistant coach Joey Porter on leave following his arrest for allegedly assaulting a bouncer and a Pittsburgh police officer in a South Side scuffle just hours after the team’s win over the Miami Dolphins.

Porter was arrested about 9:30 p.m. on East Carson Street, police said.

“We are continuing to gather information concerning Sunday night’s incident involving Joey Porter. We have been and will continue to be in communication with the NFL as is required by the Personal Conduct Policy,” the team said in a statement. “Pending further review, Joey Porter has been placed on leave. At this time, we will move forward with our preparations for the Divisional Round playoff game at Kansas City.”

Unless you’ve been refraining from watching any coverage on possibly the shittiest and most unentertaining games in NFL Wild Card Weekend history, you’ve probably heard that Joey Porter got arrested (again) last night for being a complete lunatic. For those of you keeping tally, this is the sixth run in that Porter’s had with the law in the past 14 years. Not too shabby, although I’m sure “Jerry” Porter’s friend, Pacman Jones, would consider this to be a mix between karma and amateur hour.

(Nice little video of Pacman keepin’ it real after last year’s on field scuffle with “Jerry” at the end of the Steelers, Bengals Wild Card matchup.)

I’ll tell you what isn’t amateur hour though – Joey’s ability to get absolutely ripped after the game in no time. Seriously, you aren’t fucking around when you’re obliterated enough to get arrested only just a few hours after the game you just coached. For reference, the final whistle of the game last night occurred around 4:15 PM:

Let’s assume that it takes (at the very minimum) one hour for the players and coaches to leave the field after the final whistle for some “locker room talk,” speak to the media, get showered and change clothes, sign autographs for the fans, then finally make their way out of the stadium. So at the very earliest, that makes it 5:15 PM (which is pretty unrealistic considering it was a playoff game). Joey and crew must’ve been so eager to get in the spirit with the rest of Yinzer Nation last night that he took some expensive ass bottle of liquor to the face. So less than four hours removed from the game, Joey was stumbling around the South Side around 9:00 PM threatening to kill a bouncer. Your boy Joey ain’t new to this catch up game. He’s a vet. Plain and simple. Now let’s see if Dan Rooney is as nice to Joey as he was to Ben. On to KC!