While Odell Beckham is coming to the realization that his team (and himself) shit the bed today and are now officially beginning their offseason, Phil Kessel continues to slam pucks in the back of the net.

You might be thinking, what the hell do Phil Kessel and Odell Beckham have in common? One’s a hockey player for the Pittsburgh Penguins that looks like he could be in your adult beer league, and the other’s a young stud receiver for the New York Football Giants. Well, those two fine athletes were at Liv Night Club at the same time last Sunday partying like rock (rap) stars.


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Liv on a Sunday! Name these rappers. @davegrutman

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Look, OBJ and crew just can’t handle a little party in Miami. On the other hand, you have people in this world like the two physical specimens below that can take down a case of beer AND still perform at the highest level in their sport.


Today, Beckham had an abysmal four catches for 28 yards and two drops – including one that could’ve been a touchdown. Those numbers work out to be the second worst game of his young stellar career (albeit first career playoff game). Phil, on the other hand, scored another goal to help his team trounce the Lightning, 6-2. No big deal.

There are going to be a lot of NFL pundits rushing to the conclusion that the Giants (and OBJ in particular) laid an egg today because they were partying too hard in Miami last weekend. That very well may be true. However, I firmly believe it’s because OBJ and crew SUCK at partying. Also, they let the New York media get in their heads this past week.

Remember what happened when dipshits in the media wrote about how Phil Kessel wasn’t going to be able to handle the Pittsburgh media even though he was escaping the magnifying glass that is Toronto’s media? Oh yeah, he only helped his team lift the coolest fucking trophy in sports over their heads. And remember that time Phil partied in Miami one week before a big regular season showdown versus the team they knocked out in seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals the year before? Oh yeah, just a little goal to help his team secure a win.


I guess some people just can’t handle Vegas  Miami… Or the media.